From the Desk of the Honorary President Governing Body Kalpataru Institute of Entrepreneurship.

The most challenging and competitive year of Governing Body Kalpataru Institute of Entrepreneurship (GBKIE) that one in one out was going to overcome reaching with successful achievement . Many more adventure activities of GBKIE were initiated in this year and mission of the organization could achieve whole heartedly. Various employment opportunities were empanelled and were introduced in this year in order to improve quality of productivity of employed population in better and decent wages which could mobilize meaningful resources for value addition to the affordability Regional development is one of the objectives of GBKIE and it was being accelerated from this year and involving different challenging tasks were undertaken from this year. Apart from the rigorous application and review process, the barometer for involvement of resources is based on an assessment of their reserving productivity to utilize in the social sector in under - resource settings including the adaptability and acceptability to the particular environment. Importance on health, training, education and income generating employment opportunities and social crisis management attached to the principle of "live and let live" is introspective parameter of GBKIE ensured on conducive social environment that accepted by all sectors. GBKIE administration believe that scheme or project that produced by the funding agency is incomplete or gapping between basic factors which is most part and parcel of the developmental component. As population is concerned GBKIE cannot fulfil the whole range of inspirational needs of the people owing to insufficient needs assessment of the developmental aspects involved the schemes and projects.
It is a great pleasure to forward my best wishes to all executive members, Advisory members, general members, volunteers for their unstinting support and guidance in making this year a noble Endeavour for human needs. I am also grateful to all our Stakeholders - our bankers, suppliers, Organizations. Institutions, employees, media, who have reposed their trust in us and given US their constant support. It is true that Governing Body Knipataru institute of Entrepreneurship formed by the people of the people and for the people. Organization always with the steps of the people of the Region brings prosperity tills the organization lives is the goal of GBKIE. We hope the GBKIEs most successful organization keeping its goal live and admire GBKIE in the years to come.

With best regards Anshuman Bhattachariee

Chairman Governing Body Kalpataru Institute of entrepreneurship

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